IMG_0127I am Ginger and I am a busy working mother of one. My son is six years old and the light of my life. I work in non-profit financial development and attend college to complete my Bachelor’s degree. My grandparents depend on me to help financially as well as psychically so I have a lot of pressure placed on me to be successful – a lot of people depend on me.

Working out the logistics of a week day can be daunting when there is so much that must get done but planning ahead and paying attention to how you spend your time can make the process much easier. I realized early on that if I was every going to be successful in all of the things that require my time and still actually enjoy my life that I needed a plan. I started meal planning and realized that I could get an extra hour each night if I completed the majority of my meal prep on Sunday’s. That meant an extra hour with my child or to soak in the bathtub while I read some chapters in my school books. Planning ahead makes each day much easier and I’ve found several ways to maximize my time to make more room for life! I figured I should share some of my ideas in hopes that it can help someone else.