The Basics

Being a working mom in today’s world is exhausting. We are expected to not only work outside of the home but also keep that home tidy and looking pretty. We must feed our families, help the kids with homework, fold that laundry, and keep our sanity if at all possible. Plus, we better look pretty while we do it too! Juggling a successful career and keeping a happy family is a blessing but it takes work – a lot of work. This blog will help with planning meals, fun crafts to do with your kids, date night ideas, self-date ideas, and tips and tricks for keeping your home organized and clean when your time is on a budget. There is simply no reason you can enjoy domestic bliss and have a rocking career!

As a mother of one who works in an extremely demanding field and is attempting to complete my Bachelor’s degree I have been forced to learn to use my time well in order to maximize it. Learning to stream-line the work week through meal planning and scheduling in guaranteed quality time with loved ones helps to keep each day a little calmer. I look forward to sharing!

Here is my little darling showing off his grouchy face because I wouldn’t let him take 10 dragons on our hike. Of course he is rocking his WVU Mountaineer gear and looking cute anyway!